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Class A Plays

State Class A Play Festival will be held in Devils Lake on Monday, April 12, 2021.
*Date Change as per Board Approval on 1/21/2021

Class A Play Program

All Approved Changes to Class A Plays (pdf)


  • Each play scheduled for a specific time slot of 1 hour which includes load-in/out, performance, and critique
  •  Audience consists of 3 judges, school directors, and event staff – masks required for all audience members
  • Maximum/Total play time of 30 minutes including audience reaction time.  After 30 minutes have lapsed, rank deduction occurs.
  • Cast/Tech: Maximum of 20 students total allowed.  Penalty: Disqualification
  • Liquids or items requiring stage sweeping are prohibited.  Prohibited items include but are not limited to sprays, straw, glitter, confetti, sawdust, baby powder, cornstartch, etc.  Penalty: Disqualification
  • No individual events for this year.
  • Audience consists of 3 judges, school directors, and event staff-masks required for all audience members
  • Following performance, 1 judge provides comments to play cast-masks required for all involved
  • Stage cleaning (as required) occurs during judge comments   
  • Students bring own water containers
  • Next play sets up after everyone, except event staff, has vacated the auditorium
  • Actors not required to wear masks while performing, and students/directors must wear masks during setup/teardown
  • Dressing rooms not available-actors must arrive in costume; makeup-moderation is recommended
  • Scheduling of state plays will have to be determined by distance to prevent overnight stays-geographically closer schools will begin and end schedule
  • Dining services not scheduled—schools must arrange for off-campus option; no eating on campus
  • Judges and event staff bring own lunch and eat on shifts based on cast comments rotation

Preliminary State Contest Schedule:
Monday, April 12
9:00         Production 1
10:00       Production 2
11:00       Production 3
12:00       Production 4
1:00         Production 5
2:00         Production 6
3:00         Production 7
4:00         Production 8
5:00         Production 9
6:00         Production 10

Class B Plays

State Class B Play Contest was held at the University of Jamestown on *November 24, 2020.
*Date Change as per Board Approval on 9/10/2020

Previous Champions

Updated 04/09/2021