2023 NDHSAA Class B Speech Tournament Results

NDHSAA News Release (May 2, 2023)

VALLEY CITY, N.D. – The 70th Annual NDHSAA sponsored State Class B Speech Tournament was held at Mandan High School on Saturday, April 29, 2023. Sue Anderson and Annette Bender served as managers.

Enderlin took first place with 92 points; Dickinson Trinity/New England was awarded second with 60 points; New Salem-Almont was third with 32 points; Kindred was fourth with 31 points; Harvey/Wells County was fifth with 30 points; and Richardton-Taylor was sixth with 27 points.

Top place winners in each of the 14 categories:

Extemporaneous Speaking:  1st - Morgan Matheson, Bowman County;  2nd - Macee Jones, Stanley;  3rd - Ava Haldorson, Harvey/Wells County;  4th - Taya Baric, Nedrose;  5th - Ian Dorval, Dickinson Trinity/New England;  6th - Taylor Panzer, Glenburn;  7th - Edyth Hatlestad, Shiloh Christian;  8th - Jack Mairs, North Sargent.

Radio Broadcasting:  1st - Jaxon Lacher, Richardton-Taylor;  2nd - Rachel Bergstedt, Enderlin;  3rd - Grant Anderson, Harvey/Wells County;  4th - Abbygail Linker, Dickinson Trinity/New England;  5th - Heidi Lane, Minto;  6th - Maddison Onken, Kindred;  7th - Addyson Simmons, Shiloh Christian;  8th - Shelby Melin, Shiloh Christian;

Extemporaneous Programmed Reading: 1st - Piper Frase, Enderlin;  2nd - Isaak Boehm, New Salem-Almont;  3rd - Triniti Gregg, Our Redeemer's;  4th - Hazel Emter, Dickinson Trinity/New England;  5th - Emma Goetz, Richardton-Taylor;  6th - Lorelei Emter, Dickinson Trinity/New England;  7th - Lyla  Gillespie , Lisbon;  8th - Paula Meyer, Dickinson Trinity/New England;

Storytelling: 1st - Evan Christianson, Enderlin;  2nd - Drew Houck, Kenmare;  3rd - Katie Heidrich, Linton;  4th - Madison Miller, Shiloh Christian;  5th - Jacob Shea, Hazelton-Moffit-Braddock;  6th - Fernanda Rivera Raudales, Burke Central;  7th - Adreia Sanchez, Richardton-Taylor;  8th - Maddix  Martinson, Harvey/Wells County; 9th – Aspen Geist, Wyndmere.

Serious Duo:  1st - Martin Bergstedt/Thomas/Gerber, Enderlin;  2nd - Emma Goetz/Evelyn Kuntz, Richardton-Taylor;  3rd - Ella Strutz/Hannah Westin, Shiloh Christian;  4th - Emma Bieber/Liliana Muruato, Beach;  5th - Imogen Stine/Isabelle Cruff, Kindred;  6th - Ella Weinmann/Penelope Miranowski, Richland;  7th - Elsie Redig/Emily Ruffin, Belfield;  8th - Andrea Loffenbacher – Benson/Alyssa Hoff, Richardton-Taylor.

Poetry:  1st - Benjamin Wolff, New Salem-Almont;  2nd - Tristyn Baumgartner, Dickinson Trinity/New England;  3rd - Molly Jennings, Washburn;  4th - Xaria Bell, New Town;  5th - Anja Estling, Kindred;  6th - Sage Patzer, Carrington;  7th - Brinley Vocke, Hazen;  8th - Kaitlyn Erickstad, Starkweather; 9th – Kaci Davis-Hoagland, South Heart.

Dramatic Interpretation: 1st - Evan  Christianson, Enderlin;  2nd - Benjamin Wolff, New Salem-Almont;  3rd - Maleina  Joubert, Harvey/Wells County;  4th - Emily Ruffin, Belfield;  5th - Elsie Redig, Belfield;  6th - Mya Woodbeck, Bowbells;  7th - Andrea Loffenbacher -Benson, Richardton-Taylor;  (TIE) 8th - Clayton Jones, Hillsboro & Eric Isaacson, Thompson.

Inform:  1st - Thomas Gerber, Enderlin;  2nd - Jule Stenson, Divide County;  3rd - Morgan Matheson, Bowman County;  4th - Lia Butz, Our Redeemer's;  5th - Rylley Ziegler, Hazen;  6th - Alena Hall, Our Redeemer's;  7th - Lauryn Onken, Kindred;  8th - Siobhan Kissee, Drayton.

Humorous Interpretation:  1st - Zoye Keelan, Mohall-Lansford-Sherwood;  2nd - Kason Connot, Rugby;  3rd - Martin Bergstedt, Enderlin;  4th - Kennedi Stoddard, Kindred;  5th - Emma Welch, Bowman County;  6th - Dylan Zaun, Maple River;  7th - Braeden Carlberg, Bowbells;  8th - Kelsey Voightman, Central Cass; 9th – Gracyn Hornung, North Border.

Humorous Duo:  1st - Claire Alger/Piper Fraase, Enderlin;  2nd - Gracie Rauschenberger/Joshua Lindbo, Max;  3rd - Natalee Becker/Madelyn Hogue, Max;  4th - Jake Dahl/Molly Jennings, Washburn;  5th - Kaydn Helde/Rylley Ziegler, Hazen;  6th - Brooke Rykhus/Marshal Erickson, Alexander;  7th - Mavrick Nelson/Maksim Nelson, New Salem-Almont;  8th - Eric Isaacson/Kaden Bittner, Thompson.

Serious Prose:  1st - WIlliam O'Shields, Dickinson Trinity/New England;  2nd - Rachael Bergstedt, Enderlin;  3rd - Reagan Krump, South Heart;  4th - Autumn Pulver, Stanley;  5th - Eden Selle, New Salem-Almont;  6th - Kyleigh Lewis, Kindred;  7th - Troy Thompson, Rolette;  8th - Allison Bryn, Barnes County North; 9th – Matthew Moyes, Washburn.

Speech to Persuade:  1st - Claire Alger, Enderlin;  2nd - Ian Dorval, Dickinson Trinity/New England;  3rd - Ava Haldorson, Harvey/Wells County;  4th - Kyra Bakken, Burke Central;  5th - Paula Meyer, Dickinson Trinity/New England;  6th - Josie Schieno, Dickinson Trinity/New England;  7th - Loren  Wolf, Linton.

Impromptu1st - Allison Bryn, Barnes County North;  2nd - Nathaniel Lyon, Sargent Central;  3rd - Sawyer Wilhelmi, Starkweather;  4th - Grant Anderson, Harvey/Wells County;  5th - Abbygail Linker, Dickinson Trinity/New England; 7th - Hannah Westrick, Washburn;  8th - Edyth Hatlestad, Shiloh Christian; 9th – Angeline Risovi, Rubgy.

Speech to Entertain: 1st - Kenedi  Stoddard, Kindred;  2nd - Molly Robb, South Heart;  3rd - Marah Betterley, Mohall-Lansford-Sherwood;  4th - Maria Mayer, Dickinson Trinity/New England;  5th - Ruth Mengesha, Shiloh Christian;  6th - McKinlee Haberman, Wyndmere;  7th - Elise  Grenier, Rolette;  8th - Garrett Howard, North Star.