2021 NDHSAA Class A Speech Tournament Results

April 20, 2021 4:00 pm

The 2021 and 68th annual NDHSAA Sponsored State Class A Speech Tournament was held at Jamestown High School on April 17. All participants qualified from one of two regional tournaments or at an invitational tournament held during the season.

Valley City captured first place with 106 points. Jamestown took second with 88 points, Bismarck St. Mary’s third with 73 points, Dickinson took 4th with 48 points.

The following are the top place winners in each of the 14 categories.

Radio Broadcasting: 1st –Cassidy Hughes, Dickinson; 2nd –Madelyn Orr, Jamestown; 3rd –Paris Ndikum, Jamestown; 4th –Mansib Rahman, West Fargo; 5th –Aarya Panwalkar, Fargo North; 6th – Jacob Nistler, Bismarck Century; 7th –Maisie Leick, Valley City; 8th –Jerrica Eldridge, Valley City.

Storytelling:  1st –Olivia Data, Bismarck Century; 2nd –Amelia Meester, Valley City; 3rd– Aiden Healy, Dickinson; 4th – Marie Wilson, Bismarck St. Mary’s; 5th – Paris Eslick, Jamestown; 6th Evan Putt, Minot; 7th –Naomi Schuh, Bismarck St Mary’s; 8th –Simon Schlenker, Devils Lake.

Extemporaneous Programmed Reading:  1st –Alexander Brady, Bismarck Legacy; 2nd –Olivia Slyter, Valley City; 3rd –Brynn Howitz, West Fargo; 4th –Rachel Rusch, Bismarck St. Mary’s; 5th –Eva Rykowsky, Bismarck St. Mary’s; 6th –Laney Tolman, Dickinson; 7th –Sherry Yan, West Fargo Sheyenne; 8th –Tucker Schonert, Valley City.

Humorous Duo: 1st –John Goettle/Isabella Sletteland, Bismarck St. Mary’s; 2nd –Cambree Blegen/Simon Schlenker, Devils Lake; 3rd –Adeline Raum/Darby Humann; Fargo South; 4th–Alora Rude/Veda Veogele, West Fargo Horace; 5th – Reese Richard/Keagen Kratcha, West Fargo Horace; 6th-  Paris Eslick/Keelie Renwick, Jamestown; 7th – Jerrica Eldridge/Benjamin Kruta, Valley City;  8th – Alexa Hansen/Lydia Picotte, Fargo Davies.

Dramatic Interpretation:  1st –Madeline Robinson, Fargo South 2nd –Lillian Kiefert, Valley City; 3rd –Olivia Schlosser, Bismarck St. Mary’s; 4th –Madi Klabo, Valley City; 5th –Chloe Gronos, Watford City; 6th –Logan Motter, Jamestown; 7th –Londine Marcellus, Valley City; 8th –Maya Archuleta, Bismarck Legacy.

Extemporaneous Speaking:  1st –Dante Domine, Dickinson; 2nd –Madi Klabo, Valley City; 3rd –Annika Arifin, Fargo North; 4th –Truman Hamburger, Dickinson; 5th –Gabrielle McGarvey, Fargo South; 6th –Yaoyi Ma, Fargo North; 7th –Will Nelson, Jamestown; 8th –Abigail Redfearn, Valley City.

Poetry:  1st –Vismaya Jacob, Valley City; 1st –Sumaya Abukar, West Fargo; 3rd –Gabrielle Johnson, Minot; 4th – Lillian Kiefert, Valley City; 5th –Olivia Slyter, Valley City; 6th – Chloe Gronos, Watford City; 7th –Xavier Scott, Mandan; 8th – John Goettle, Bismarck St. Mary’s.

Humorous Interpretation:  1st –Isabella Sletteland, Bismarck St. Mary’s; 1st– Ian Weis, Jamestown; 3rd –Owen Plagens, Valley City; 4th –Olivia Schriock, Jamestown; 5th –Ashley Mindt, Mandan; 6th –Madeline Robinson, Fargo South; 7th –Morgan Jenner, Valley City; 8th –Julia Vickers, West Fargo.

Serious Duo:  1st –Ian Weis/Anja McDermid, Jamestown; 2nd – Hailey Graves/Cassidy Hughes, Dickinson; 3rd –Emmalee Jones/Morgan Jenner, Valley City; 4th –Luke Plagens/Owen Plagens, Valley City; 5th–Brinklyn Johnson/Tucker Johnson, Valley City; 6th –Annika Neeb/William Gay, West Fargo Sheyenne; 7th –Ada Gilbertson/Leah Hochhalter, Valley City; 8th-Izzabella Starkey/Molly Kostek, Minot.

Inform:  1st –Madison Motschenbacher, Jamestown; 2nd –Asiya Gedi, West Fargo Sheyenne;  3rd –Thomas Power, Mandan; 4th –Madeline Erickson, Bismarck St. Mary’s; 5th – Alyssa Miller, Bismarck Legacy; 6th –Hieu Le, Fargo South; 7th –Lydia Picotte,  Fargo Davies; 8th –Aurora Ziniel, Valley City.

Speech to Persuade:  1st –Megha Bharadwaj, Bismarck St. Mary’s; 2nd –Micha Ndayisenga, West Fargo Sheyenne; 3rd –Hieu Le, Fargo South; 4th –Luke Plagens, Valley City; 5th –Brinklyn Johnson, Valley City; 6th – Shinjini Chakraborty, West Fargo Sheyenne; 7th – Stephanie Hoffarth, Valley City; 8th – Madison Motschenbacher, Jamestown.

Serious Prose:  1st –Anja McDermid, Jamestown; 2nd –Rylie Fode, Bismarck Century; 3rd –Logan Motter, Jamestown; 4th –Kendra Green, Valley City; 5th –Maria Madruga, West Fargo; 6th –Molly Kostek,  Minot; 7th –Cassandra Mundal, Valley City; 8th –Noah Meline, Fargo Davies.

Impromptu:  1st –Megha Bharadwaj, Bismarck St. Mary’s; 2nd –Rylie Fode, Bismarck Century; 3rd –Dante Domine, Dickinson; 4th –Gabrielle McGarvey, Fargo South; 5th –Annika Arifin, Fargo North, 6th-Fatima Attia, Fargo North 7th-Evan Putt, Minot; 8th-Gavin Haut; Jamestown.

Speech to Entertain:  1st –Keelie Renwick, Jamestown; 2nd –Lukas Robinson, Fargo South; 3rd –Elizabeth Cave, Bismarck St. Mary’s; 4th –Olivia Data, Bismarck Century; 5th –Grace Widjaja, West Fargo Sheyenne; 6th –Alyssa Miller, Bismarck Legacy; 7th –Aurora Ziniel, Valley City; 8th –Sricharan Kotala, West Fargo Sheyenne.