NDHSAA June Board Meeting Synopsis

June 11, 2019 2:45 pm

By Tom Mix
NDHSAA Media Specialist

VALLEY CITY, N.D. – The North Dakota High School Activities Association’s Board of Directors met Monday and Tuesday June 10-11.

Highlights of the meeting included the Board approving the distribution of $250K in team payments to its member schools. The NDHSAA is a non-profit organization and once operating costs are covered the remaining money is distributed to member schools through a team payment plan.

Other highlights included:

  • The Board discussed adding instant replay for NDHSAA state championship football games in accordance with new NFHS rules. Instant Replay Policy and Protocol for NDHSAA state championship games was distributed during the meeting and was unanimously approved by The Board. It will begin being used during Dakota Bowl XXVII set for November 15, 2019 at the FARGODOME.

Instant Replay Policy and Protocol:

Instant Replay will be used for the first time in NDHSAA football history during the Dakota Bowl XXVII. Instant Replay in football is complex and we ask for your patience with this experiment.

Purpose:  the purpose of using Instant Replay is to correct obvious, potential game-changing mistakes. The purpose is to not make sure that every call is accurate.

Replay reviews will occur automatically in the following situations:

1) On any scoring play or potential scoring play (a play in which a decision by an official may have prevented or awarded a score, which includes a try, field goal, or safety).

2) On any turnover or potential turnover.

3) Any other play in the last two minutes of the 1st half when a call or timing error may have impacted the status of the clock.

4) Any other play in the last two minutes or any overtime, when the outcome of the review would have a direct competitive impact on the game.**  These plays would include but are not limited to:

  • Determine if a player was in bounds or out of bounds

  • Determine whether there was a catch on a pass or interception

  • When the ball is ruled dead in a loose ball situation

  • Determine spots that affect the line to gain

  • Determine whether a kick or pass was touched

  • A call or a timing error that may have impacted the status of the clock

** Direct competitive impact is defined as a situation when the call or lack of a call by an official, has an impact on the opportunity for a team to change the outcome in a game with a point differential of 16 points or less.



  • The Board approved several items from Athletic Review.


  • The Board approved 2020 region and state tournament sites for spring sports and activities.


  • The Board approved a change in dates of the Mandatory NDHSAA Fall Administrator Meetings. New dates/locations are as follows (meeting times will remain 10 a.m. at each location):

Tuesday, September 10 in Devils Lake
Wednesday, September 11 in New Town
Monday, September 16 in Mandan
Wednesday, September 18 in Valley City

The NDHSAA New Administrator Meeting will be held 10 a.m. Tuesday, August 13th in Valley City.

  • The NDHSAA Board of Directors nominated and selected Scott Privratsky, Superintendent at Devils Lake Public Schools, as its President for the 2019-20 school year. Warren Strand, Principal at Fessenden-Bowdon was nominated and selected as Vice President in 2019-20.

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